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It is sort of weird, in that everyone involved in the making of the show found it horribly catholic and unbend-able, but today it seems really modern and progressive. McGoohan was clearly a man with issues (there's that famous example from The Prisoner where he found it easier to stick his daughter in a wig and act out "intimate"- in in other words face stroking- scenes with her rather than just play opposite the actress playing his potential love interest) but he was also something of a genius who just through his presence created something not of its time.
Ah yes, what was it he said? "No one kisses Patrick McGoohan except Mrs McGoohan!" I find it quite sweet, to be honest. Admirable to see someone not just espousing moral virtues, but actually doing his best to live up to them. A very interesting man, our Pat.

Oh yes, Audrey from Corrie is playing Japanese in the colour episodes isn't she? It says something for the clout he had by then he was able to quit and go "We won't do this... we're going to do this!" (and the irony is, the half of the production team who didn't go onto The Prisoner wound up on Man in a Suitcase, with an even more unforgiving lead and none of the dramatic rewards).
Yeah, the colour episodes look absolutely lovely, and there's a small thrill in seeing Drake in action in colour!!! But the intelligence and charm of the earlier episodes is jettisoned for some terrible silliness.

Have you seen Ice Station Zebra? Before getting the blu ray (oddly complete with overture and intermission screens) and just relying on memories from TV broadcasts when I was a kid I always took the "He's playing Drake/No. 6!" claims with a pinch of salt. But no, he's a British spy under a false name who is clearly increasingly pissed off (and McGoohan's erratic SHOUTING VERY LOUD of certain lines shows the stress he was under from his TV commitments), it absolutely makes perfect sense in the film for him to be playing the same character between Danger Man and The Prisoner and about to go off the deep end.

SPOILER! (select to read)
He resigned because he found out you couldn't even trust the bloke from Airwolf
Sadly not - though it is on my faulty hard drive, so assuming I can recover the data it'll be on my to-watch list. I love the idea of linking Danger Man to the Prisoner via Ice Station Zebra. On a similar note, doesn't Bernard Lee turn up as Drake's boss in a couple of episodes?

(Sullivan, if anything, looks amazingly like Terry "Davros" Malloy).

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