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Ah yes, what was it he said? "No one kisses Patrick McGoohan except Mrs McGoohan!" I find it quite sweet, to be honest. Admirable to see someone not just espousing moral virtues, but actually doing his best to live up to them. A very interesting man, our Pat.
I must check out that biography of him at some point, I expect the wilderness years in LA (with only the odd Columbo to break up the monotony of doing things like Baby and The Phantom) post his No. 6 breakdown are quite interesting as well.

Yeah, the colour episodes look absolutely lovely, and there's a small thrill in seeing Drake in action in colour!!! But the intelligence and charm of the earlier episodes is jettisoned for some terrible silliness.
The film version is quite fun however, just for them putting a bit more effort in that the usual "Slap two episodes together and call in a movie" ITC efforts as they actually filmed some extra scenes to link the two shows a bit more firmly. On TV Burt Kwouk is just a chauffeur, in the film he's... well basically Kato from The Pink Panther.

On a similar note, doesn't Bernard Lee turn up as Drake's boss in a couple of episodes?
IIRC he is one of his bosses in his first episode, in the other there's even more added irony as he's a very specific send up of Hugo Drax (from the novel of course).
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