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Me halfway through the issue:

"Ha! Look Rewind just walked in! I was right about him being in the coffin all along! I defy your plot twistey nature Mr. Roberts!" *Smugness ensues*

Me at the end of the issue:

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HOLY CRAP IT'S RODIMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A very clever bait and switch there.

Yeah, not much of a through-line this issue, but lots and lots of nice individual scenes and an air of something really not being quite right on the ship (I wasn't misreading the double page cross-section of the ship was I? Nighbeat's office has lost its space facing wall?).

The Rodimus/Atomizer scene was the highlight, literally balls crawling back up into my abdomen tense. Really nice to have follow up on the vote as well.

What's interesting about the first two issues of season 2 is that there's at least one area Roberts would be entirely justified in recycling bits from Eugenesis- In terms of how Nightbeat deals with being back from the dead. But so far it seems to be that he's found a completely different direction to take the character is, which is harder work but much appreciated.
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