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Yeah, think Nightbeats quarters are another thing to go missing. Also fairly certain the security door disappeared too.

After reading Unicrons comments, the Rodimus/ Atomizer scene actually visually reads very interestingly.

And if that IS rodimus in the coffin, than fair balls. I genuinely expected season 2 to be about the maturing and redemption of Rodimus but if things are going a different way, it's damn interesting.

While I didnt gel with the rambling nature of this issue I did think the art had some super moments. Starscream looks absolutely fantastic and I loved how Roberts wrote him - Screamer is turning into a really interesting character again and his way of trying to take Megatron down was perfectly suited to him. He could never win a brawl but to tear away Megatrons Image and Legacy? Awesome.

Other lovely art bits were the cut away of the ship, trailcutters shield moment and the bit where the security team catch Trailcutter. But the best bits were the quieter moments if you will. Cyclonus giving Tailgate a genuine smile, The look on Rodimus face as he reads the list and of the course, his dead corpse in the coffin.

There's also LOADS of possible hints in this issue that could be red herrings or genuine seeds for further revelations. Ratchets eyes, Megs "poison" fuel, Swerve banning the briefcase (he must have looked!), The lost light insider... Probably more I'm missing.

Still, not a great issue on its own, but man alive I do enjoy me MTMTE
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