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Agree it was a rambling issue, but enjoyable overall.

This issue's all about the mystery and intrigue. It's all starting to unravel, though we still don't know how the current status quo came to be. Hey, I appreciate that we got this issue super early this time, but -- ARGH! -- you're ****ing killing me here!

Yeah, yeah, second part to a 3-part story. Answers will come, I know, I know...

**grumble, grumble, grumble**


Even if he hijacked the trial for his own benefit (as well as page space), Starscream is handled rather well here, I must say. You wanna write Starscream as a duplicitous, self-serving bastard? This is a fine example.

Also, I know it's artistic license and all, but I had to chuckle at the notion that they'd let the Principal Prosecutor -- that being Prowl -- come to a courtroom with giant missiles attached to his shoulders.

Megatron -- Liking him so far, but again, how we ended up with the stern yet somewhat-kindly captain has yet to be fully revealed. But then, that's all part of the fun. And he makes one hell of an interesting addition to the cast.

The Coffin -- No way. No ****ing way.

It's a paradox, right? It's got to be some sort of time paradox or... or something with lasting repercussions that would warrant a certain message being sent from the future!

Maybe it's related to all the strange occurrences happening on the Lost Light at the moment. The real Rodimus is probably on board pouting in his quarters, right?

That... or he took off on his own shortly after the trial to have his own adventures. Obviously he didn't have a great time of it, assuming this is the real Rodimus

Speaking of which -- Damn it! He did peek. I suspect Unicron (the poster, sillies) may be onto something. Atomizer is kinda being set up here to, well, set up Rodimus, knowing full well that Rodimus couldn't resist knowing who those 89 detractors were. His motivation isn't clear yet, of course.

Or, you know, I'm way off the mark as usual.

Regardless, my money is on Ultra Magnus being on that list.

Newbies -- Roberts is using the newest additions much more effectively than he has in the past, rather than being background dressing. Especially Nightbeat; he's clearly having fun with him. Roberts chose wisely with that one. He's a bit Brainstorm-y at moments, but I enjoyed every scene with Nightbeat. He and Chromedome make for a fun 'straight man' and 'wise guy' dynamic.

Sure, we now have all 3 Monsterbots, but more importantly Streetwise is now confirmed on board. That makes all 5 Protectobots*! Tell me this is deliberate. Tell me that the creative team have plans for the Protectobots. That would be amazing.

* Not sure if he's there now, but Blades was seen on board during the 'first season'. Shut up! Don't dash my hopes! I'll cut you!
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