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Starscream looks absolutely fantastic and I loved how Roberts wrote him - Screamer is turning into a really interesting character again and his way of trying to take Megatron down was perfectly suited to him. He could never win a brawl but to tear away Megatrons Image and Legacy? Awesome.
It really was a great moment, wasn't it? Quite possibly one of the better ideas to come out of RID, in my opinion; that Starscream's 'victory' came not from brute force, but by his words and wits. Regardless of how well it has actually played out, this issue proves that there's still life in that concept.

The speech also demonstrated how vicious Starscream can be. It wasn't even so much the speech itself, but the intent behind it. I loved it.

EDIT: Also, it makes sense to me that so much page space was devoted to Starscream, considering that he and Megatron have one of the most important relationships in the entire franchise. Starscream testifying against Megatron, tearing down his ideology and, in his words, 'killed' the former-Decepticon Leader, is not only appropriate, it's frickin' perfect.

I dunno... I'm just so impressed by this moment.

Still, not a great issue on its own, but man alive I do enjoy me MTMTE
It was good, but yeah, this will read even better as a whole. It's just the wait... it's killing me.

But, it's a 3-parter (if I recall correctly), so revelations aren't too far off.

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