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Dense and meaty!

That Starscream speech was the highlight. It's a fantastic character piece for him and Megatron, sets up a solid character arc AND something of a continuity salve for lots of rashes and zits in the publishing history. It's also quite sad. I found it worked when imagined in Steve Blum's voice.

The Rodimus / Atomiser scene comes a close second. It's such a perfect undercut of his previous nobility - a list of non-confidence voters is Kryptonite to a guy who is such a cludge of vanity and insecurities. I really wondered where Rodimus could go and this is the best possible answer.

The coffin reveal is effective but pretty low down on the list of interesting things going on here. The fact that nobody has touched Ambulus' stuff ranks a bit higher. That's not a knock - no one saw it coming. Which is good, because it gives me a lot more confidence with where the Rewind 'data ghost' thing is going.

Nightbeat is just gravy - all the locks, the annoyance over the 'Big Three.' I'm not being dense by thinking that the Knights constitutes the third one, right? Or am I being exactly as dense as I am supposed to be? And what is that device that Nightbeat is examining when Chromedome comes to pay him a visit. Have we seen it before?

Only dud note was the fact that the NAILs are apparently in favour to the all-Autobot military trial of their sworn enemy where the chief prosecutor is the guy who used to have NAILs beaten up with open contempt before becoming the head of a giant monster and stomping everything. Is there a wrinkle there? But I do like the idea that Optimus is finding this so enormously stressful that he finds an excuse to go on a mystical-whatever mission to Earth at the earliest possible opportunity. That's more his speed.

Which one of Swerve's many old wounds could be playing up? And is his missing Engex another 'edit?'

Speaking of edits, that cutaway of the Lost Light with Nightbeat's quarters was fantastic. Milne was ridiculously on-point throughout. I'd warmed up to Joanna's colours by the second read, though some of the speckled highlights aren't quite to my taste.
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