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There's too much going on in this issue, in my opinion. It reminded me of Devastation, when it took Hot Rod and Wheeljack four issues to drive to a junkyard because we only saw them for half a page each time. The trial, the coffin, ghost Rewind, revived Tailgate, drunken Trailbreaker, tempted Rodimus, stuff randomly disappearing, etc, etc... All of which would be interesting on their own, but delivered in a drip-feed like this I have to admit I find it all a tad underwhelming. I suspect it'll all come together nicely in trade form when the whole story is done, but the best part of MTMTE before this was that Roberts didn't write for the trade, and I hope this isn't a sign that he's started doing so.

Not sure I'm feeling the new "main" characters, either. Nightbeat is acting like a huge dick, Trailbreaker (sorry, Trailcutter™ *sigh*) is a woefully generic Roberts joke machine, Nautica is moralistic and judgmental, Riptide is a troublemaking jerk and Megatron could be replaced with Boss or Deftwing or someone in the modern-day scenes and I genuinely couldn't tell the difference (surely there should be some tension that goes beyond "I don't like the new boss!" when that new boss is basically Genghis Khan?).

Also, Rodimus being in the coffin does nothing to convince me that he's actually dead, since we all know that Roberts makes practically every "obvious death" into a twist of some kind. I look forward to finding out next issue whether the body is a facsimile, from the future, has had its brain module, transformation cog and spark extracted or is actually Classics Wildrider.

I agree with everyone else that Starscream was the highlight of this issue, but I'd expand that to say that the trial scenes in general were the best bits. I think the story would have flowed way better if the trial had been told in an issue or two of its' own before we jumped into "Captain Megatron", though, as there's just way too much going on right now and the overall storytelling is suffering for it. I can understand why they might not want to do that though, since most of the principles in that story aren't part of the MTMTE cast.

Ironically, I think Starscream's speech is an absolutely perfect summation of the Megatron character...from the 80s Marvel books. Not so much IDW Megatron, though I suppose that was the point.
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