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Wow! So much stuff to absorb. And you guys already said a lot of interesting things. I really love where this comic is going.

One thing i remembered after reading last issue again though, is that scene with Megatron and Rung and the blackout. Now i don't know remember exactly where it was said, but wasn't ultra-violet light used to see if someone had been the victim of Shadowplay?
I remember reading it somewhere either in LSOTW or the earlier MTMTE issues. I will check the wiki to see if it mentions anything about it.

Anyways, assuming for a while that this is what happened in that blackout scene, it would answer a couple of things. Like, what Ravage was doing there. Maybe he was sent by Soundwave to verify if Megatron had been the victim of shadowplay, or made the decision to join the Autobots on his own.

Don't know if anyone has mentioned it before but this is my theory.
Also, Nightbeat is acting real Sherlocky, obviously. But Trailbreaker's personality and manner of speech really remind me of Bernard Black from the Black Books TV Series (British comedy anyone?), but maybe that's just me.
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