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I suspect it'll all come together nicely in trade form when the whole story is done, but the best part of MTMTE before this was that Roberts didn't write for the trade, and I hope this isn't a sign that he's started doing so.
It's not the usual pacing we've come to expect from Roberts, is it? The exception being 'Remain in Light', stuff like Delphi or the Scavenger's storyline, I felt, had a steadier flow, cramming in just the riiiiight amount of information to tide me over to the next issue.

It's strange, I'm finding this storyline equally interesting and frustrating at the same time. It does feel deliberate. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with this 'Dawn of the Autobots' thing that's happening at the moment.

What we have is all entertaining, but yeah, the trial probably could've fit into one issue and served as a prologue that led into Megatron joining the cast.

Nightbeat is acting like a huge dick
Oddly enough, I kind of liked Nightbeat. Though, like I said before, there's something very Brainstorm about him.

I do agree the "power of love" comment was pretty dickish of him. Very insensitive. It threw me off a little. Lost a few points with that one.
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