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One with the Matrix

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MP G2 Sideswipe is pretty sweet, isn't he? He's smaller and less complex than the previous MPs, which makes him fall in the "really fun toy" pile rather than the "giant awesome display piece" one.
Absolutely. I've transformed it already more times than my old MP OP, which I've had for years.

Well, Prowl did seem too good to be true.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
Clueless about that Goldbug toy you linked. Looks like a retool of the artfeather 3rd party release?
It'd seem so, not that familiar with the different 3rd party groups. I'll go with that unofficial Goldbug I quess. My (hopefully soon to arrive) Soundmixer/Blaster could use a friend.

I do have FOC Blaster but it was big disappointment. Animal mode discs were IMHO terrible, robot ones boring and the launcher on Blaster's back irritating and barely functional.
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