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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Which waves have Kup and Wheeljack? The local stores here have Wave four now.
Kup is in Wave 4. I believe he is bag code 39. Can I interest you in a(nother) trade? In addition to the Kreons I have listed in the first post, I now have Wave 3 in the shop (singular) here, plus a couple of Wave 2 Lugnuts that had reappeared randomly when I was last in there.

Wheeljack has so far only been available as part of the Street Showdown set with Kreon Knock Out and brick versions of both. The set had a very limited release here, so has proven hard to find at a reasonable price. Annoyingly, I did actually have one in my hand in a shop some months ago, but at the time I didn't know how rare it was in the UK and I thought I could maybe get a better price elsewhere. I couldn't, and then it was gone. Doh! Now, if the price were right, I'd consider the whole set. I'd also be happy to split it with a Knock Out fan, if anyone is up for that.

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