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I think we're beginning to see Transformers gradually wind down - or at least change focus - from being a toyline into more of a general media property. Compared to ten years ago the toy sales are no longer God anymore to Hasbro.

I'd wager their cut of the DOTM box office was more than their profits from the associated toyline, and Prime was very media-driven rather than the "throw as many toys as you can into the thing" cartoon that you'd probably expect from a show made and broadcast in-house by a toy company; they'd have the comic rights back off IDW in a jiffy if the medium was worth the hassle.

Licensing this side of Bay is probably massive and toys are on the wane compared to mobile apps and the like. The toyline for AoE seems effectively nominal in the West; tag on Generations becoming more and more fan-orientated and we're seeing a change in commerical pattern here.
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