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Saw some of the movie generations figures for the first time today. My reaction was mostly one of apathy. I mean, they looked fine, but nothing really piqued my interest, even as puzzles. Still excited for the movie, but I'm thinking this time I may just enjoy the spectacle of it without worrying too much about physical representations.
I'm more-or-less in the same boat as you are. Scorn the Spinosaurus caught my eye (and is a pretty cool throwback to Beast Wars designs) when I walked by the huge display at TRU but I don't even remember what other figures I saw there because they all felt very samey to me.

I think a fair bit of that is just down to the movie's lack of characterization for most of the Transformers. I already have great toys that represent Prime and Bee, the only two characters who really matter, and a handful of other really good movie toys that show off what that style of engineering can do. There's really not much to draw me into buying, say, Crosshairs when there are already a bunch of other movie-style cars out there and I know he's probably not going to get more than a handful of lines in the film itself. The only thing "new" about this line seems to be the Dinobots, and even then I don't know if I care to own more than the one I've already got.

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I think we're beginning to see Transformers gradually wind down - or at least change focus - from being a toyline into more of a general media property. Compared to ten years ago the toy sales are no longer God anymore to Hasbro.
You're absolutely right on this. In fact, I vaguely remember Hasbro themselves coming out and saying that a couple years back. And honestly, it makes perfect sense. The toy market is both shrinking and diversifying, with kids turning to other pursuits sooner and buying fewer toys than in the 80s at the same time as the adult market (spurred on by the movies and growth in Asia) gets bigger. There's always going to be toys but the fiction is more important than ever now, because Hasbro is now more interested in creating life-long fans who are going to be buying tickets to TF movies in their 20s and 30s even if they haven't picked up a toy in decades (or ever) than it is in selling toys to them for three years and then moving on to the next crop of kids.

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I'd wager their cut of the DOTM box office was more than their profits from the associated toyline
I don't think there's any doubt of that. In fact, I'd go farther -- I wouldn't be surprised if the money they made off of DOTM's box office (and DVD/Bluray sales) was more than they made off of every TF line between DOTM and AoE. It was a billion-dollar movie, after all.
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