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Default The Scioli Transformers vs GIJOE series

Has anybody else picked up #0 yet? I finally got my hands on a copy and I am keen to report good things. It's as mad and well-constructed as could be hoped for, looks great and captures that eerie strangeness that early peripheral media like the Ladybird books and Battle Beneath The Ice did so well.

Also, seriously, there are some impressive comics gymnastics here. I am an indie-comics dude and already a Scioli fan so this is a much bigger sell to me than it may be to anyone else but seeing this kind of visual literacy in American licenced comics (which aren't Adventure Time - seriously, those comics just go nuts with the format in every way possible) is very satisfying.

After a lifetime of studied disinterest in GI Joe, this has actually given me a reason to maybe give some of the lore a peek. Well, this and The Venture Bros.
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