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I have the FCBD issue of this and really enjoyed it. I like the sine waves (is that what they are, have I spelt it right?) used for the Transformers talking.
The payoff - Bumblebee's giant scream when he went under - was pretty great as well.

The only downsides are the usual tropes for GIJ/TF x-overs - Snake Eyes origin, the Deceps teaming up with Cobra (well, just Starscream) which I suspect are the work of Barber.
Is Snake-Eyes origin well mined? I dimly recall it being in the Jae Lee one but that was a long time ago. And while it is no doubt on the cards, I found that neither Transformer teamed up with a Joe faction pretty refreshing - they were just this one part of the crazy melee.

Also, hey, is that Straxus on the last page?
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