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Toys R Us UK have the placeholder listings up on their website for both Prowl and Grimlock.

Grimlock is 99.99 and Prowl is 59.99! Both way over-priced

I paid less for an imported Takara Prowl, and I'm sure Grimlock was 60 on first release. To rub salt in the wound for anyone looking to pick up an MP Grimlock, he is reportedly on sale in the US TRU at $59.99! At current exchange rate that's 35, but TRU UK seem to think 100 is a fair price for us Brits...

I agree with what Warcry said - 60 quid for Prowl is going to put paid to any future release of the MP cars in the UK, who is going to bite at that price when you can get the Takara version sooner and cheaper?
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