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I'm so prompt! Here's the composition of the stack:
  • 1x FOC Bruticus (Onslaught, Swindle, Brawl, Vortex, Blast Off) (note: these weren't bought clearance like the rest, so I'm aiming to get within the ballpark of regular retail - what I paid - back out of them. I can wiggle though)
  • 2x TF Prime Rumble
  • 6x DOTM Jolt
  • 10x Generations Warpath
  • 1x Reveal The Shield Jazz (looking for full price for this one)
  • 3x DOTM Barricade
  • 5x Generations Wheeljack
  • 1x Prime Airachnid
  • 1x Generations Kup
  • 1x DOTM Bumblebee
  • 1x Prime Sergeant Kup
  • 2x Generations Thundercracker

Pretty much everything was bought on clearance at larger stores or when they appeared in discount chains to be remaindered at $5. If you're wondering why so many Jolts, I had planned to do a blue repaint, but to disassemble the figure I'd need to selectively destroy parts of two figures and then reassemble one whole figure. I got extras in case I messed up royally... but the upcoming Takara blue repaint with the whips makes that idea somewhat superfluous, no?

Also have a sealed DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime on the top of the pile.

EDIT: Italicized items are being negotiated. Please check back later for the availability of a product. Thanks!

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