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It looks pretty good eh? I've been trying to stay away from all promotion of the movie or toys but that went as soon as you see the ads at the top of the page here and then the toys appear in the local supermarkets.

So today I watched the full length trailers on Youtube. I like the films premise, am a bit stunned how many big names are in this; John Goodman, Stanley Tucci, Ken Watanabe etc. The story sounds like Mark Walhberg is playing a Sparkplug Witwicky type against the Machination.

Hound is filling in for Ironhide, and both he and the others look like ripe fodder for certain parts of the film, if Lockdown and Galvatron are the two big bad guys, and maybe someone will get mashed by the Dinobots.

Prime seems to be heading towards a big 80' shoulderpads revival, so maybe Melanie Griffith will be in Transformers 5.

What happened to Sidswipe, has he gone on holiday like Jolt? As a fan I'm a bit sad that the background guys flit in and out, especially when Jolt had such a cool gimmick to be displayed on the big screen.

[Edit] Fingers crossed the Dinobots don't speak dumb. And even if it becomes the Prime & Bumblebee show again I don't mind, because these films have made Prime completely brilliant. He gets proper angry, he argues with humans, he's got an incredible voice, he's had fantastic lines and he fights like an absolute mother****er. And the only reason the Dinobots are along for the ride is so he can punch a charging one in the face.

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