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After some weeks have passed, can comment on the following;

LDR Class Grimlock--good robot, very bad dino. Was contemplating him by he looks more like a crocodile with big feet than a t-rex. Elongated torso hurts him.

--VYGR Grimlock--other way around. Very nice t-rex, bad robot. Half a dino jaw hanging off his ass is just bad.

--Deluxe Dinos--First three look ok, Slash looks bad. Actually like the first 3 a lot, but it seems they are the only ones in the film along with Grimlock.

--Deluxe cars--All three look great. We know BB has a new version [modern camaro] and will probably stay in black oldie mode for like 20 minutes in the movie. The other 2 are great on screen, not entirely faithful in flesh. I'm afraid of buying either just in case hasbro brings out a more accurate mould half a year later [ala Sidearm Sideswipe, Battle Blades BB etc]. Lockdown is possibly a guaranteed takara purchase straight away.

--VYGR trucks--Evasion Prime will be bought [rusty deco from one UK retailer, price is okay]. Galvatron is cool [I laugh at the truck top folding on itself...seems like a nice f*ck off to complaining fans] but very basic, Hound seems small and "better version coming out a tad later" phobia gets the best of me.

--LDR Prime--seriously tempted to look for a takara version at AA this year. Like the design and basic-ness of the figure a lot.
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