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Also avoided spoilers for the most part aside from the trailers and perusing a few toy pictures (which, TBH, aren't really much of a guide - Sideways came out in the first wave of ROTF figs for example).

Bay (and/or his screenwriters, though mainly Bay as screenwriters often tend to only have a vague input in making films) has taken Prime in a fresh direction (Bee too). It might not be to anyone's taste but compared to the recent alternative of Furman sending him through the same cycle of self-doubt through to redemption only to start him off at the bottom again it's been a breath of fresh air.

Highly suspect the Dinobots will be non-verbal. There's a fair precedent for TFs which can't do much more than growl across all three films.

As for the rest of the cast, it'd be nice if Sideswipe, Ratchet, Dino and the Wreckers were in it if only to be killed off but I'm not holding my breath after Bay resisted the cheap kudos of killing off Skidz and Mudflap on-screen. I'd prefer closure to another batch of disappearances certainly, and it'd add a bit more to the hunted angle than some new guy getting it.

I'm always very conflicted about the non-Prime/Bee guys. The TF fan in me would like to see more of them in the films and get a bit more depth but I'm not sure it'd actually work in an action film. Action films tend to have a bare handful of prominent guys and the rest get a bit of a quirk or a cool line at best; I think the TF series has done well to give the likes of Bonecrusher, Sideswipe, Frenzy, Dino, Que, the Wreckers, Ratchet etc. anything even halfway memorable to do when you compare them to the equivalent guys in, say, The Dirty Dozen.

The first thing most action films do is wipe out about seventy-five percent of the good guys so we're left with our 2-3 main stars. Even in Seven Samurai only about three of them get a genuine personality, the rest being defined by broad archetypes in the same way Ironhide is gun-guy and Que in science-guy.

And I don't think the franchise would really work as anything other than an action film. It drives me mad when you see people say "oh, it should be like this comic series or computer game where it's just Transformers on Cybertron with no humans", whereas to me the wonder of the live action stuff is the Transformers interacting with the real world seamlessly - Lennox hammering on Ironhide's bonnet, Blackout knocking the shit out of a SOCCENT base, Dino skidding down a freeway.

Lovely stuff.
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