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On the Dinobots speaking...

SPOILER! (select to read)
Was I mistaken in reading Greg Berger was onboard? Or was that for one of the computer games?

Fully agreed that for the films to qualify as live action they need to mostly take place in the "Real" world. Though I do think there could be an avenue worth exploring in placing the McGuffin out of the solar system for a change to allow for a middle act adventure on a proper other planet, I think ILM could do some very lovely stuff there and it could create a nice visual change of pace.

My main worry about this one is, based on the trailers, there's a general feeling of same old same old about it bar the Dinobots (not just from Transformers films either, I think Man of Steel may have been a tipping point in people getting bored of cities getting smashed up in summer blockbusters).
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