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Have to say I'm really enjoying Takara's AD-01 Leader Prime. The Takara paint job is gorgeous, the mould super-detailed, and he's so fun to pick up and transform. In fact I'm playing with him more a few weeks down the line than when I got him. The truck mode is great too but there is no escaping the fact the robot mode has that back kibble.

Really like Generations Deluxe Crosshairs too - two great modes, interesting robot design, but simple and fun transformation. Classic Bee is cool too, but obviously not so original. Voyager Grimlock is OK, but neither mode is great in my opinion. I have the Hasbro versions of those three.

I have a bunch of Takara versions on order which should arrive between July and August although plan to pick up Hasbrto's new Bee and Drift if they show in TRU.
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