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On the Dinobots speaking...

SPOILER! (select to read)
Was I mistaken in reading Greg Berger was onboard? Or was that for one of the computer games?

Fully agreed that for the films to qualify as live action they need to mostly take place in the "Real" world. Though I do think there could be an avenue worth exploring in placing the McGuffin out of the solar system for a change to allow for a middle act adventure on a proper other planet, I think ILM could do some very lovely stuff there and it could create a nice visual change of pace.

My main worry about this one is, based on the trailers, there's a general feeling of same old same old about it bar the Dinobots (not just from Transformers films either, I think Man of Steel may have been a tipping point in people getting bored of cities getting smashed up in summer blockbusters).
I haven't heard anything about your spoiler. Like not one peep. If it is true...

SPOILER! (select to read)
and he speaks like he did in FOC then I am 100% behind that!

SPOILER! (select to read)
We didn't even know if the Dinobots transformed or not until one of the recent TV spots.

I'm impressed with how the trailers haven't given away too much, yet we've had over 30 now counting TV spots and international trailers. Unlike The Amazing Spider-Man 2... which pretty much gave away EVERYTHING in the trailers... even the last frame I mean WTF!

Is anyone else as pumped for this movie as I am? It just seems like Bay wants to make one for the fans before he goes, and possibly set up a bigger storyline a la The Avengers. I mean I was sold at Dinobots and the fact we won't hear Shia scream "BUMBLEBEE!!!" at the top of his lungs again, but this other stuff seems like icing on the cake.

Stuff that's kinda spoilerish from some trailers.
SPOILER! (select to read)
We get actual Autobot Character development! Let's hope it's not all in the trailer but you don't just hire John effin Goodman for a few lines!

Also Lockdown looks like he could be a good villain! No matter what you think of the first 3 films, you have to agree that Megatron never got his time to shine, we've honestly never had a good Villain! Megatron came in the 3rd act in 1, The Fallen BARELY had a part in 2, and Megatron and sentinel split the time in 3 and half the movie sentinel was good. We've honestly never had a good villain in these movies and I think Lockdown could finally be one.

Also having all the dinobots being ridden by someone is a bit weird. Optimus on Grimlock, Drift on Slug, Crosshairs on Scorn, and Bumblebee on Strafe. I don't know it just doesn't sit right with me. Optimus riding Grimlock is cool but why does everyone else need to, they've all essentially been reduced to mounts... just, yeah.

But yeah i can't wait to see the early Thursday screening at my local theatre next week, I went in Dark of The Moon expecting nothing and was surprised. So let's hope this isn't like Revenge of the Fallen, where coming out of the theater is awesome because all you remember is the good parts and when you watch it on Blu Ray you notice the plot holes and just how bad it is. Fingers Crossed this one is good.
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