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at hasbro's "F.U." to everybody who purchased or imported the AOE figures thus far.

Let's see---Drift, Crosshairs, Hound----more detailed paintjobs in the multi pack. Voyager Prime looks the same, more or less.

--Rusty voyager Prime--the backshot of the one in the -OTHER- multi pack isn't enough to go on, but looks like the correct colours, and actually looks dirtier than takara's which is out in August. Plus, 2-3 other deluxes in the pack!

--Dinobots--yeah, SDCC deco is very nice on all of them. Nice pre-emptive F.U. to the people who haven't bought Snarl [retail] yet because he's not out, but worry not, even the people who fork over the cash for the SDCC decos will get f*cked over sometime next year when hasbro will just release them, unchanged, with Sludge as well in matching colours, ala Platinum Bruticus.

--Leader 2 pack...LOL again, the Grimlock deco is nicer than retail, on par with takara's, and LDR Prime appears to be takara's deco!

So yeah, it looks like hasbro's new model is to thank you for buying their figures by releasing better coloured versions next month!

Generations look nice, Windblade looks especially nice in robot mode. Nightbeat is so last minute change it's ridiculous; he's RTS Jazz on the cover! Crosscut is awesome.

Can't wait for a reveal or hints of the generations leader Megatron!
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