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From the Hasbro panel:

  • Generations G1 Arcee, a pink car that's pretty cartoon-styled
  • Generations Brainstorm - a Voyager with the Headmaster gimmick
  • Legends Bombshell to go with the Shrapnel that's just filtering out now, and plans for Kickback in the future
  • Legends Windcharger repainted from that ugly Tailgate
  • Voyager IDW Optimus Prime (who knows that that means, he's had 86 different bodies)
  • Leader Megatron is "very G1" apparently
  • He's being redecoed as Armada Megatron (how that works, I dunno)
  • MP Sideswipe and Bluestreak are getting US releases
  • In 2015, they're making a Generations Superion (only a silhouette shown)

Also a bunch of movie stuff that went right over my head because I'm not sure what's new and what isn't.

As per usual, pics will probably show up of some of these in the next couple days, while others will be held back until SDCC.
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