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Originally Posted by Rhinox555
You definitely don't want to transform those legs without doing a quick fix first. They're hexagonal shapes in hexagonal slots. How on earth any designer could think that would allow them to rotate is beyond me. Thankfully, all you have to do to fix it is knock a pin out of the thigh, sand down the joint a bit to make it rounder then put it back together.

Originally Posted by SPLIT LIP
I knocked out the pins holding the black knee joints in and rounded them down, and he's now perfect. BTW, I'm sur eit's been mentioned, but if anyone wants to knock the pins out, the rough end is on the hollow side of the thighs, so you want to tap it from the smooth side. It's actually quite easy.
I've just tried it. Webcam pics, I'm afraid, but should be okay for Geoff to put in a short box about "how to fix the toy you just paid thirty bucks for" or something.

You'll need something to hit with and a small screwdriver or metal rod with a head thinner than the pin to be pushed out. Pliers are useful and you'll also want a file or some sandpaper. I've used a pad of sticky notes to protect the desk plus a piece of leather off-cut from a belt with a hole punched in it near the side, which will provide padding for the plastic and a gap to push the pin down into.

First of all slide the leg(s) off and get stuff ready.

Due to the way Whirl is assembled it's a bit fiddly to hold this together whilst you tap the pin, but you don't have to push it through far.

The pin's ready to pull out.

You can just about see the hexagonal shape of the joint and the cavity it sits in. There's no room for rotation.

Rub down the joint before replacing the pin and gently tapping it back into place. Be aware that the black plastic is quite tough, so be careful not to slip and catch the pointy bits on the back of the leg. A coarse file works best.


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