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Huh. Okay. These turned out nice.

Brainstorm takes a lot of cues from Milne's design, as to be expected. And the Headmaster gimmick isn't at all intrusive as I had feared (it's not fat and blocky, at any rate). The colors are spot on too. I got a thing for turquoise Transformers, which was all too commonly used on the 87-89 'bots (especially when it is coupled with purple). So far, he's this year's winner in my eyes. I think the designers nailed it.

Liking Arcee and Chromia too.

Surprised Hasbro went all-out bubblegum pink with Arcee, instead of the usual off-red shades (usually it's that -- I dunno, what would you call it? A dark salmon-ish tone?). Also surprised that it is essentially based off the Sunbow animation model and not one of the IDW designs, as is the trend these days. Wasn't expecting that.

Chromia turned out nicely -- and I like the head sculpt -- though I'm getting a Prime Arcee vibe from this one. All the same, it's good to have a Chromia that is uniquely... well, Chromia. Though the cycle mode, like most Cybertronian vehicle modes often do, kind of cheats a little.


And, I, uh... I've seen the leaked images of the Leader Class Megatron

Not too shabby from what I could make out. And yes, it is very much "G1 inspired". From the crotch up, it's definitely G1 Megs.
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