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Case photos, with Arcee and Chromia:

Brainstorm stock photos:

He'd look pretty good if those big wings fold up, and it looks like they do. His Headmaster looks worse than the G1 version, though.


Bombshell looks really good.

Powerglide is okay, but other than style I'm not sure there's much difference here between the already-good DOTM version.

Windcharger... Glad I found the RTS version...

Originally Posted by zigzagger View Post
And, I, uh... I've seen the leaked images of the Leader Class Megatron

Not too shabby from what I could make out. And yes, it is very much "G1 inspired".
Really? I wasn't all that impressed. The proportions aren't very good for such a big toy, even if the big forearms and skinny legs are a deliberate artistic choice to make it feel more G1.

Though I might feel different when I'm looking at something other than a blurry camera-phone shot I found on a sketchy image board...
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