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The crazy internet theory of the day is that the reason why Voyager Optimus is so horrible is that he's actually designed as a combiner torso. The "theme" for the 2015 Generations line is supposed to be gestalts (with Superion the first one they've teased), the Hasbro designers were all coyly going "oh, there's more to this Optimus than you realize, you'll figure it out when it's closer to release", and the toy itself has a whole bunch of random moving panels that have absolutely nothing to do with his transformation.

I think it's actually fairly likely, on balance, that they're right about this. Where I disagree with them is that I don't think it excuses the terrible looks at all -- the toy is still pinheaded with a ridiculous waist, badly-proportioned limbs and a poor transformation.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
Chromia is heavily remoulded from RID Arcee.
At first I was like "What? That's crazy talk!" But she totally is. And you're right about it being Sandstorm-level retooling. Just from looking at the stock photos, I think more parts have been changed than left the same.

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Generations badly needs some properly good Decepticon toys. It feels very one-sided at the moment with the Autobots getting the lion's share of the 'upgrades' and the Decepticons just having to make do with repaints. The few original mould toys the 'cons have got have been less than stellar (hello Blitzwing - although I still adore my Doubledealer..!) and it would be nice to see them getting some love.
I never realized until just now, but that is completely spot on. The latest batch of Generations (everything post-FoC) has brought us very few new Decepticon molds. Some quick back-of-the-envelope math tells me that we've gotten ten new Legends molds (only four of them Decepticon), two Deluxe Decepticon molds out of fourteen (plus a Predacon and a Vehicon, which aren't the same thing), one Voyager out of eight (plus a pending Predacon), one out of two leaders and zero Titans.

So eight out of thirty-five molds in their 30th Anniversary sub-line were designed to be Decepticons -- less than 25%! And those eight include three new Megatrons and two new Starscreams, so things wind up feeling even less equitable than they actually are. The only 'fresh' Decepticons to come out over nearly two years worth of product are Shrapnel, Bombshell and the not very well-received Blitzwing.

It's definitely a big change from the FoC stuff, where the breakdown went the other way (75% of those molds were Decepticon, though most were reused as Autobots later so the number of actual figures was about the same) or the original Generations line where things were split 50/50.

If "combiners" really is the theme for 2015, though, I suspect we'll see things get back onto a more even footing. We've already seen Superion teasers and the number of figures they quoted suggest there are three more teams lined up -- I'd guess Protectobots, Constructicons and Stunticons.

(Hopefully the individual figures turn out better than the FoC Combaticons)
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