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If "combiners" really is the theme for 2015, though, I suspect we'll see things get back onto a more even footing. We've already seen Superion teasers and the number of figures they quoted suggest there are three more teams lined up -- I'd guess Protectobots, Constructicons and Stunticons.
I'm digging the idea of a year of combiners, if they turn out well. I'm just wondering if they're going to end up being Energon-style, with the repaint limbs, wasn't too thrilled with that the first time. Though given their recent forays into heavy retools like Sandstorm and Chromia, they may go that route.

Personally, I'm hoping for a new set of Technobots. They always seem to get left out, except for pointless filler repaint.
Though I'm expecting whatever teams they do to be something with some semi-logical repaint potential. Stunticons into random Autobot cars stapled together/Masquerade, Aerialbots into random Decepti-jets or Seekers, etc. That or they'll re-use some limb molds across two or more gestalts.
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