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(Hopefully the individual figures turn out better than the FoC Combaticons)
And of course we have the third party conundrum: despite having many unofficial combiners, those are all the result of different design groups working independently of each other and taking their time. If Hasbro wants to make multiple teams within a year, the chances of them all turning out like the like the FOC Combaticons, a seemingly rushed job, gets higher.

It'll also be interesting to see their choices for size. Four basics plus a deluxe nets you the Energon teams, which are about the size of a leader (basics are of course non-existent now or have been renamed Legion Commander class). Four deluxes plus a voyager would be larger, but of course cost more. In either case, the problem is coordinating the release schedules for waves of different size classes. Two solutions could be to either sell them as a boxed set, or make them all the same size. And while I do like how the Combaticons look as an ensemble together that way, the latter solution really screws with the combined mode's proportions.

Still, I look forward to see what comes to fruition. How many years have Hasbro said that they don't like doing combiners? And how many third party combiners are there now that have been gobbled up by the fandom at five times the cost of what Hasbro would sell them for? It seems that they finally got a clue that sales can be pollinated by having the figures interact through combination... which they knew very well back in 1986.
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