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Though again, how much has the presence of third-party combiners hurt Hasbro's intention to release them? Certainly the amount of third-party combiners out there and the amount of fans who have them would make Hasbro relatively iffy about releasing more combiners...

Certainly would look forward to owning them if they do end up being good, however.
Probably depends on how they rate a specific combiner. Hasbro can, of course, produce things at such a scale so that the end products are a fraction of what the third party stuff costs. Plus with them being official and all, people double-dipping would seem probable. So in that sense, it wouldn't be relevant.

But it may be that if they look at something like Hercules and ask, "can we produce six voyager-sized constructicons that combine and entice both the niche fandom and general retailers?" the answer would be to shelve the idea. Their first idea for Devastator was to just repaint Buildron from Superlink, so we should also consider their unwillingness to gamble with larger scale stuff.
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