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Oh, missed this:

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
And of course we have the third party conundrum: despite having many unofficial combiners, those are all the result of different design groups working independently of each other and taking their time. If Hasbro wants to make multiple teams within a year, the chances of them all turning out like the like the FOC Combaticons, a seemingly rushed job, gets higher.
I don't know that the Combaticons seemed all that rushed to me. They were just bad.

They suffered from the same problems that most of the FoC toys did, and that most "media-first" toys do: the designs they were working from were never actually meant to exist as physical manifestations, just look cool on-screen. Having to give them three modes instead of two only amplified a problem that most of the figures in that line suffered from, and the end result was clunky and awkward.

Plus 90% of the WFC/FoC character models look like ass to begin with, so even if the toy translations came together perfectly they were going to suck regardless.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
It'll also be interesting to see their choices for size.
Speculation is Voyager team leaders plus four Deluxe limbs, but we won't really know until we see the things. If it's true though, that's one of FoC Bruticus's problems fixed already.
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