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I think the third-party combiners (which are, what 2/3s of total third-party output?) have probably played a huge role in convincing Hasbro that there's money in this. After all, if people will pay $600 for gigantic combiners that look great but don't really fit with each other or anything else in their collection, they'll probably also fork over $90 for a slightly-less-imposing official one that works with their Classics toys.

It's also worth noting that a couple of the third party combiners make use of extensive remolding for limbs as well. Feral Rex's Tantrum and Headstrong are extensive remolds of each other, as are Fansproject's Wildrider and Breakdown.

I don't know that you could do all four Stunticon limbs that way (Dragstrip stands out), but Aerialbots would be easy.
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