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I'm really intrigued by all the new Generations stuff!

I think it's fantastic we're getting new Insecticons in the 'Legends' size class. If they're anything of the quality/fun of Swerve, I'm totally sold - Just wish I could find me a Skrapnel around here to kick things off.

I've heard Tailgate is pretty 'meh' but I think I'd take a shot at Windcharger... maybe. And I'm in on Powerglide. Just sold off my Classics Ultra & DOTM Cyberverse Powerglide, so there's a perfect gap to fill! I may perhaps bite on Nemesis Prime as well. Unless they redeco that new Voyager Optimus Prime that looks quite horrid (maybe it'll look better in black?).

Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade all coming very soon? Talk about year of the fembots! Sold on all three, just to break up the Autobot sausagefest I currently have on my shelf.

Brainstorm looks great, even though I have no connection to, or interest in the character himself. I think the Headmaster deal is great.

Not going to get either of the Leader Megs nor Leader Jetfire. Somehow I feel better buying a bunch of little Transformers spread out in favor of one giant 'bot in the $50 range. Plus, my scale OCD won't tolerate it since I already have most of my 'big' bots in Voyager.

Looks like my wallet is going to hurt in the coming year or so. Better stop buying all those Halo MB sets so I can save up!
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