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In either case, the problem is coordinating the release schedules for waves of different size classes. Two solutions could be to either sell them as a boxed set, or make them all the same size. And while I do like how the Combaticons look as an ensemble together that way, the latter solution really screws with the combined mode's proportions.
They could sell two Deluxe-sized limb-bots in a single Voyager-sized box. You'd have 3 Voyagers in a wave, such as 1: Motormaster, 2: Dragstrip & Dead End, 3: Breakdown & Wildrider.

Mold reuse wouldn't be bad if they reuse a mold in different teams and keep the Scramble-City aspect. If Groove and Afterburner have the same mold, but one's Defensor's leg and the other's Computron's arm, it wouldn't be that obvious with the gestalts next to each other.
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