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They could sell two Deluxe-sized limb-bots in a single Voyager-sized box. You'd have 3 Voyagers in a wave, such as 1: Motormaster, 2: Dragstrip & Dead End, 3: Breakdown & Wildrider.
I don't think that's likely. If they did that instead of releasing the deluxes individually, it'd probably tick off retailers because of the shelf space it would chew up, plus the lack things to hang on the pegs. If they did that in addition to individual deluxes, something would shelfwarm badly because there'd be less torsos than limbs on the shelves.

My bet is they might do 5 bot box sets in addition to the individual releases, perhaps with the full sets being released a wave later to give people sort of a back up (and maybe with some bonus thing packed, like extra weapons or whatever to draw the completionists/tick people off).
That or instead of shipping the figures like they normally would (voyagers in one case, deluxes in another case), they might try making a case consist of 1 or 2 full sets of a voyager and the 4 deluxes.

Mold reuse wouldn't be bad if they reuse a mold in different teams and keep the Scramble-City aspect. If Groove and Afterburner have the same mold, but one's Defensor's leg and the other's Computron's arm, it wouldn't be that obvious with the gestalts next to each other.
Yeah, that's the sort of thing I was thinking when I referenced the recent heavy retools they've been doing. Planned out well in advance, like they did with Springer/Sandstorm and the various Generations figures designed with extra heads for the repaints, they could easily make it cost effective.

Design a limb mold where the basic robot form is the same but they can use different arms, legs, and other parts to get various car alt modes out of it. So from one mold they could get 3 Stunticons, Lightspeed, and Streetwise. The 4 Aerialbot limbs, maybe Blast Off and Strafe could come from the same base. Groove and Afterburner like you mentioned. Blades and Vortex. That kind of planning could probably let them make a few one-off molds to properly complete a group, like Nosecone and Dragstrip.

That kind of system is probably why we're getting a year of combiners. Fully planned out like that they can make sure they'll appropriately recoup mold costs without resorting to seemingly random repaints like the Combaticons into Wreckers.
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