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Originally Posted by Death's Head View Post
Mind you, Mike Costa seems to be doing alright now he doesn't have to worry about robots and their habits - he's got Alan Moore and Kieron Gillan doing something for his current project:

Phew, I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear he's doing OK. He's probably helped by God being a much easier character to write for than a giant robot, it's not as if he's also an immortal ethereal being. [Cheap shot based on no knowledge of the series].

As for the most annoying... I don't really count Dreamwave as part of the modern era at this point (it was over ten years ago now) but in no particular order:

1: Andy Schmidt: Useless editor, and insanely smug with it.

2: Mike Costa: Useless writer, and insanely smug with it.

3: Don Figeroa: "I've had enough of Transformers, I'm going to leave right now even though I've only got one issue left on my current series because I'm so sure I'm off to bigger and better things there's no way that extra pay check would ever be of any use.

Ohhhhhh can I come back? Pleaaaaaaaaaaase? Even though I've clearly still had enough of Transformers and am going to do art that is obviously taking the piss. I promise not to go dancing off in the middle of an arc I'm supposed to be drawing just because I suddenly think I can get bigger and better work again.


Goes higher than McCarthy on the grounds he was a well liked and respected artist who wound up pissing all that up the wall for ultimately no gain whatsoever (IIRC Cliffy got a PR email about some other giant robot series he'd created a couple of years ago that went exactly nowhere and that was all she wrote for his attempts to make the big time).

I wouldn't go for five people, I am not a bitter vindictive man.

On this series: The big problem is going to that the version of Drift that everyone likes is a complete and utter pisstake of McCarthy's original conception of him. I'll take the Cybertronian hippy smack head over the guy from his first mini-series who was so awesome Megatron gave a big speech about how awesome he was anyday.

Of course, the only reason for him to get another mini when, to the best of my knowledge, no one was clamouring for it is the name will (hopefully) have some more recognition amongst casual fans thanks to Bay and IDW are trying to cash in on that. Giving it to McCarthy rather than one of the good writers is probably a sop to him having made no money from a character he created being in a multi-million dollar film rather than because he was the best man for the job.
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