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I'm loving how dense all this is, compared to the fairly sedate RID and Windblade you're certainly getting bang for your buck, it actually winds up feeling like it's sucking the plot developments from the rest of IDW's output.

Loved the almost casual way Rodimus having been there all along was revealed, even if the body did turn out to be what we were all expecting.

The flashback scenes were pretty much all perfect as well, I love that for all that he may be sincere Megatron still had a back up plan to get out of the trial if needed, it makes him more layered than just a reformed bad guy, there's still a cynical edge there.

That was a great Rodimus/Rachet scene as well, and you know I feel Rodimus is actually justified in being in a sulk. Effectively in the post war world he's a private citizen who has had his quest and his ship usurped by the government without even being told directly about it first. Indeed, the whole crew don't seem to have had a say in it, was all of them simply refusing to carry on if Megatron came with them even an option?

And we're getting a Tailgate/Getaway/Cyclonus love triangle? Potentially a bit soap operaish, especially as I don't think Getaway and Tailgate have even interacted before this, but I suppose we'll see how it goes.
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