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Just the usual notes:

Rodimus -- After Rung, and Magnus, and Tailgate, it's hard to be surprised about this sort of thing anymore, but I'm not sure I want to brand this one as yet another fake-out. I mean, Rodimus -- present-time Rodimus -- wasn't dead or shown dying. He was just off panel this whole time having a pout

May be right about the whole time paradox thingy after all. Which I was joking about, but... shut up, whatever. Pretty comedic response to seeing his corpse, though. He's overreacting just a touch (he's prepared to cut off his arm to prove a point, for ****'s sake), but it's not everyday one's asked to identify their own corpse.

Do agree with Dalek that Rodimus sulking about the ship is justified. Easy for me to empathize with, anyway. On top of his quest being pulled out from under him -- with no say in the matter, in fact -- at different points two people within his inner-circle (Ratchet and Magnus) have flat out told Rodimus that they're none too pleased with him.

Guess Rodimus gets to have his redemption arc alongside Megatron's now.

Ratchet -- Yes, very much classic Ratchet here. The guy who isn't afraid to tell his superiors just how it is is pretty consistent with the character. Great moment, though. Great moment. It's not often we see he and Rodimus interact in this manner.

Do wonder why Ratchet chose to take part in the quest again, especially now that Megatron is kind of, sort of running the show.

Megatron -- I'm still struggling with this concept, but I'm ... content with the conclusion. While Megatron's acquittal was the result of a technicality, it's a much better outcome than I had initially feared.

His and Optimus' moment together, coercing that statement out of him and the subsequent distress it clearly has caused him was a highlight. That was great. It went some way towards lessening the reservations I have in any case.

Not entirely sold on the 'total visibility theory' thing as an explanation why he's 'Co-Captain', though. Or why folks like Ratchet and Ultra Magnus are all chummy with Megatron now. Something just isn't adding up with me.

Other stuff:

Yup, Getaway is up to no good and sweet, naive Tailgate doesn't seem to know any better. Wonder what his angle is? Not quite sure what to make of Cyclonus' response however. Is it simply jealousy, or is it that he's seeing right through Getaway's bullshit?

Speaking of angles, now that we know that the list was a fake, what is Atomizer's? And who put him up to it?

If 'Team Rodimus' really is a thing, that's a pretty smart line up. I think I could go for a one-shot story following these guys around on some silly little caper. It would be fun. I approve of this idea.

If I squint hard enough, I can spot Blades in the crowd scene on the second to last page.... Shut up! Don't judge me
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