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Originally Posted by Neuronutter View Post
Huh. I read Drift and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It came in one of the Hardcover collections, I think, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.

I recently re-read Max Dinos and changed my mind on it. The first time through I really didn't like it but it was better in the re-reading than I expected. I actually really enjoyed it and I've always thought Revelation was really good but then again I re-read Escalation and it was much worse than my memory of it.

I've never read Heart of Darkness. The preview was enough to put me off. I'm probably going to buy the remaining Hardcovers I don't have at some point so I'll read it when I get those. I expect to hate it given what I've heard.
Heart of Darkness, Maximum Dinobots, Revelations, and the IDW/EA Comics Dragon Age mini-series are the four worst comic book series I ever read and believe me I've read a lot of bad comics but these turds are IMHO so awful that there is nothing to redeem them at all.

IMHO Drift wasn't bad, but isn't good either. It was a typical misled hero seeks redemption story told in a standard manner by an average writer. It's story is a lot better and a lot more enjoyable than the four turds I mentioned above and I would rather re-read Drift than any of them. So it has that going for it. To me the artwork and coloring are the best things in the mini-series.

I find it kind of funny that McCarthy had to write Drift's origin story backwards because of IDW. He wrote AHM which introduced Drift, then the the Transformers Spotlight: Drift which is actually set after the mini-series and before AHM, then the Drift mini-series which during the war.

I don't think, but I'm not 100% certain. that the Drift hardcover (mine is buried and I don't feel like digging it out) doesn't reprint the mini-series and spotlight in the correct chronological order but the spotlight then the mini-series. Again I could be wrong on that.

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