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Ah, no love for revelations? Overall it may be a mess but I thought the first two parts (cyclonus and hardhead) were actually quite good and if Furman had of adjusted his grand scale plan the following two parts could of worked out ok. As it is double dealer is a bit urgh and sideswipe is terrible bar some of the art.

I'd agree that max dinobots isnt as bad as some make out. It has some big things going against it (the un-needed monstorbots, Sludge dying but then not and Swoops "we're leaving - we're back! - nope, leaving again - nope, back again!") but it still has some moments of fun and I did like that scorponoks plan was actually deliberately stupid (or seemed that way to me)

Heart of Darkness is for me the worst mini IDW have done. Even Megatron Origins has some re-deeming bits. Only the bumblebee one can compete for sheer crapness.

Kinda feel this thread should merge with the IGN one - some of this conversation would go well there.
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