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Heart of Darkness, Maximum Dinobots, Revelations, and the IDW/EA Comics Dragon Age mini-series are the four worst comic book series I ever read and believe me I've read a lot of bad comics but these turds are IMHO so awful that there is nothing to redeem them at all.
Maximum Dinobots and Revelations are not two of the worst comic series I've ever read. They're not even the worst TF comics I've read. Megatron Origin, Bumblebee, AHM and Costa's run are worse IMO. I didn't like the Ironhide mini either. But I still wouldn't say any of these are the worst comics I've read. There's a lot out there sh*tter than these, IMO.

Actually, I quite like Revelations. I should give it another go and see if I still do. If nothing else the art's pretty.
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