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Very Red Dwarf: Quarentine wasn't it? Arguably everyone turned on each other a bit quickly there (Cyclonus has gone two years without someone trying to murder him in his bed, would Huffer really turn on him that quickly?), but it still read very well and had lots and lots of nice moments for everyone.

The main flaw is the British education system stuff was very on the nose, if you're American imagine the Autobots coming across Planet Obamacare. Hopefully them arriving on Planet Offsted won't see that get much worse (especially as, unless I've really misread the demographic, I suspect most of Roberts' British readers are already onside in not liking what the current government is trying to do to schools and universities, could wind up preaching to the choir).

Are the other new arrivals who aren't on the Rod Pod now floating about in space? If whatever is doing this can separate the paint from Pharma's hands whilst leaving the hands behind it should be sensitive enough the grab the ships they're on but not them.

Come to that, shouldn't there have been a lot more stuff-not-from-the-launch left behind when the Lost Light vanished last issue? The fuel if nothing else...
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