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The main flaw is the British education system stuff was very on the nose, if you're American imagine the Autobots coming across Planet Obamacare. Hopefully them arriving on Planet Offsted won't see that get much worse (especially as, unless I've really misread the demographic, I suspect most of Roberts' British readers are already onside in not liking what the current government is trying to do to schools and universities, could wind up preaching to the choir).
Yeah, had slipped my mind but that was a clunker. Wonder if we'll be seeing more of all that.

So much Red Dwarfy stuff - not just Quarantine but Demons & Angels and the whole premise of Season 6.

Am a bit disappointed that Cyclonus' horn was not left behind.

Oh, and the art: It's functional but not spectacular. The only part that really bugged me was that the roll call was made up of grabs of exisiting art, sometimes scaled up. Maybe since they didn't contribute to the page count, they were unpaid.
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