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Jinkies! A mystery!

And the newbies get a chance to shine. Nautica is starting to grow on me. For the time being, her 'nerd' schtick is endearing. And Nightbeat is a blast. You get the impression he was having the time of his life, in spite of the peril he and his shipmates were/are in. Megatron clearly doesn't share his passion.

Getting a better sense of who Riptide is, but... m'eh. Don't dislike the guy, just isn't doing much for me at the moment. Personality wise, he's still fairly interchangeable to me.

Lots of nifty tidbits of information. Lots. Of the world building kind. The stuff about constructed cold types was particularly fascinating (and Nautica's thought-provoking comment to Megatron about it). As was what's appearing to be leading up to a pretty interesting origin of the Lost Light. Also appreciated those little extra crumbs about crew members who generally don't get much page time, like Hound and such.


Know what else there was a lot of? Typos. Kind of distracting.

Ah, still dwelling on the Kimia thing, are we? Awww, but Cyclonus has done so much good since then Mind, half the time those good deeds have gone unnoticed, which I guess is entirely the point, but, I dunno... It just rubs me the wrong way. Megatron seems like he gets less crap from the crew than Cyclonus does, and the former was recently accused of being responsible for the deaths 4.6 billion Cybertronians.

Rojo art... it didn't distract too much. May not be as dynamic as Milne, but the art serviced the story for the most part. A few off-model characters here and there. Though, ugh, I'm sorry, but Gears and Huffer looked icky.


So, when's Milne coming back?

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As for the last page... now there's a fake-out death if ever I saw one. My guess is that it's a sister ship of the Lost Light.
Oh, of course it is. Striking image, though.

Got no theories myself, but there's a fairly impressive one over at TFW 2005.

I'm not a sci-fi buff, so it all sounds plausible to me.
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