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That is a very good theory.

Though that basically would be Demons and Angels wouldn't it?

Probably a coincidence, but this issue reminded me of the Deep Space Nine episode The Ship as well (which is pretty good company to be in).

James Roberts is so going to punch me at AA isn't he?

Guess now all I need to work out is what happened to the other new-comers, like Bluestreak. Or First Aid for that matter, since he was not part of the initial launch, but joined shortly after.
The wiki suggests that all the other shuttles were part of the Lost Light's original compliment so when they got sucked off everyone aboard got taken with them regardless of when they joined the quest. I'm not sure about that though due to the aforementioned ability of whatever this is to separate paint from hands, that's uber sensitive stuff (and Cyclonus' horn, that might have been made from bits and bobs that had been aboard the ship the entire time as well).

Plus, I'm not sure the wiki should be speculating on plot points rather than just reporting on them...
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