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Smile Winter London Film & Comic Con's Transformers Coverage

(Sorry if this is already covered elsewhere - I can see a few Auto Assembly threads but nothing about this)

London Film & Comic Con have two events at Earls Court each year - the first is this weekend but the second is October and is already being promoted as having a heavy Transformers presence.

edit: That's the main page for the current October event, just scroll down the page looking at the right hand side for the currently announced Transformers guests. Not on there but confirmed by other sources include Lee Sullivan, James Roberts, Nick Roche and Simon Furman. Commitments permitting of course- Dalek

Bob Budiansky and Jose Delbo are both signed up, so that's the obvious draw. Furman and Wildman don't have anything else to do ever, so of course they'll be there. Roche and Roberts too. Stephen Baskerville also already booked.

Considering that this weekend's event doesn't have a specific TF feature but is still being attended by Furman, Wildman, Baskerville, Simpson, Kitson, Sullivan, Abnett, Collins, Hine, Georgiou and Stringer anyway, I'd be surprised if most of those and more weren't back in October.

So yeah, just a heads-up to anybody who may not really pay attention to the wider-focus convention scene.

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