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Article on the lackluster sales of movie toys (found from TFW).

I may be taking a shot in the dark, but I think overpopulating the shelves with a bunch of foot-tall dolls that don't transform, three different styles of "EASY TO TRANSFORM" assortments, tangential products like Kreons and Constructabots, and finally the "actual" figures... you might be diluting your brand and confusing customers a bit. I know that I have trouble divining out the generations deluxe figures that I want, and I'm a damn internet weirdo adult fan that's supposed to know this stuff.

While I can appreciate the simplification of individual figures, they've grossly complicated the selection process by offering myriads of choice, most of which are Bumblebees and Optimuses. That's an irony, it is.

(also toy sales in general are slumping, blah blah blah)
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